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Pakwaan Indian Cuisine - Chesterfield


14862 Hull Street Rd Chesterfield VA 23832

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ONLINE ORDERING SOLUTIONS FOR RESTAURANTS for online ordering solutions for restaurants. Our team is highly experienced in innovation of custom application development for Restaurants. is one of the best e-commerce product for Restaurant industry to help the customers to place order online. retail or restaurants receive their order online and manage their online a/c transactions, reporting etc.

Custom-Branded Resturant Online Ordering Sytem for Your Restaurant

Keep your customers ordering from your website, Facebook page and mobile. Customize you site with your logo, brand colors, and pictures.


Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

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Fully display restaurant hours of operation

Fully display opening hours.

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Web, tablet and mobile ordering website

Web, tablet and mobile ordering website

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Secure credit card processing

Secure credit card processing

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Fax, Phone, SMS and email notifications.

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Tips, Tax Setting

You can select Tips feature and manage tax setting.

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Keep 100% Revenue. Don’t Pay Any Commission for Your Orders

Many online ordering services charge 10-30% of your order as commissions. These high fees can really add up, hurting your bottom line. With, there is just a low monthly subscription fee. You keep your hard earned profits!

Restaurants POS Integrations

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